Eye-Max Jigs $4.29. The Eye-Max Jigs are the most effect Grass Jig made. Angles from all over the country and around the world use the Eye-Max Jig for tournament success. Eye-Max Jigs are available in 2/4, 1 and 1 1/4 ounce sizes and have a 5/0 Siwash Salmon Hook in Black Chrome : Oldham's Football Jigs $3.99. Football Jigs are available in 1/2 ...

Gamakatsu MaxEye Jig Pill Head Jig Heads 3pk - Tackle ...

Thanks to their aspirin-shaped heads and 90-degree line ties, the Gamakatsu MaxEye Jig Pill Head Jig Heads resist snags and impart a unique action when they come in contact with the bottom. Complete with a durable paint finish that will never chip or flake, the Gamakatsu MaxEye Jig Pill Head Jig Heads are just what the doctor ordered.

Owner Block Head Ned Rig Jighead | Discount Tackle

Features: The Owner Block Head is a high-quality jig head designed for Ned rigging soft plastics. Mushroom-shaped head. Wire bait keeper to lock soft baits in place. Forged shanks and Super Needle Points with a black chrome finish. Available in 2 colors and 3 weights. Finesse anglers can find their sweet piece of heave

ADX Winter Chrome Kit - Addicted Fishing

We're super excited to announce our Addicted Winter Chrome Kit 2.0!! Everything you need to get out on the water and go steelhead fishing. Sink it jigs, worm jig heads, leader, braid, an exclusive custom decal, THIS YEAR WE ADDED WORMS & our exclusive only available at Addicted & Costco Hi Vis Orange Steelhead

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Owner Wide Gap Plus Black Chrome Hooks. $4.99 - $23.99 Owner Jig Heads. 3 Colors. Owner Akuro Structure Jig. $6.99 2 Colors. Owner Block Head Jig Head. $4.79 - $4.99 2 Colors. Owner Block Head Offset Jig Head 4pk. $5.19 - $5.49 Owner Darter Head Offset Jig Head. $5.19 Owner Football Finesse Head 4pk. $4.99 Owner Inshore Slam Jig Head. $4.99 ...

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Jigs and jig heads are lead, tungsten, or tin weights molded onto specially designed hooks with long shanks to accept natural baits, soft baits, and materials to imitate various creatures. Jigs and jig heads come in a large variety of styles, colors, and sizes, often within the specific lure series let alone as a …

Jig Heads – Custom Crappie Jigs by dandeman

Jig Heads Custom handmade jig heads, made by dandeman from scratch, pouring the lead into molds, painting the jig heads, then oven curing the paint for a extremely tough and durable finish. Available with round or minnow head and premium Gold Aberdeen or Black Sickle hook.

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1/16 oz. Weedless Jig Heads These jigs have a narrow head with a plastic weedguard. The line tie is on the nose so these jigs slip easily through weeds. The have size 2 hooks. They work well with live bait and soft plastics. You will get the 16 jigs pictured. They have not been used. They are being sold"as-is" No returns will be accepted for ...

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However, there is a new way of chroming that is hitting the streets and is used by custom car painters-it's quite expensive, but it allows the opportunity to chrome pretty much anything-car parts, keepsakes (like an old pair of baseball shoes or a glove), and perhaps jigs. 10-28-2007, 07:29 PM #4. CRAPPIEDENTIST. View Profile.

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Good saltwater lures are a must for attracting fish to your line and for holding up in the deepest, saltiest waters. Otherwise, you're just waving around an empty hook like a pirate. We have saltwater fishing baits for sale from Yo Zuri, Northbar, Super Strike, 24/7, Daiwa and more than 100 other top …

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Gold Plated Jig Heads. Product Code: GPH-116-10. Regular price. $2.55. Sale price. $2.55 Sale. Quantity must be 1 or more. Add some flash to your lures with our Arkie Chrome Plated Jig Heads. Our Double Offset Keeper Barbs add to the plastic holding ability of these heads.

11 Best Steelhead Jigs And How To Fish Them: Guides Advice

Eye Jig Heads For Steelhead The Z-Man Redfish Eye Jighead has been a great steelhead jig head that I have been using with paddle tail grubs, twister tails, and plastic worms. Lately, I have been experimenting with chrome jig heads and eye-jig-heads and they have been excellent and are on …

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Rotate jig in the blue part of flame for 2 seconds for 1/16 oz. jigs, 4 seconds for 1/4 oz. jigs, and so on. You may also preheat jigs in a 325 degree F oven for 15 minutes or use a cigarette lighter. Once hot, quickly swish the jig through light powder with a side to side motion to cover the entire surface. Do not dip or push jigs into power.

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Home > Jigheads: Jigheads: For all the tackle crafters who like to tie their own jigs we have you covered. As always these are all crafted on 3x strong and wicked sharp …

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Jig and Grub Plain Jig Head 1/16 Oz 2.25" White Curl Tail Grub Cast and let sink counting 1 Ft per second until crank is halfway down the wa-ter column. Drive the lure downward and let it loat back up in 2-3 Ft in-crements on the retrieve. Crank and twitch this lure through the deep-est sections of the stream. Make sure to pause

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Jigheads. Crappie Magnet Jig Heads. Fin Spin Pro Series. Jig head, round painted, gold hook, flame red. Lookout Trolling Jigs, Colorado Blade-Gold Hook. Lookout Trolling Jigs-Colorado Blade-Red Sickle Hook. Lookout Trolling Jigs-Willow Blade-Red or Gold Sickle Hook. Minnow Head with Red or Gold Sickle Hook, Unpainted.

Voodoo painted / plated jigheads no collar 5/40 packs

Voodoo painted / plated jigheads no collar 5/40 packs. For all the tackle crafter's who like to tie their own jigs we have you covered. As always these are all crafted on 3x strong and wicked sharp hooks with baked on or electro plated finishes. 1/64 is #6 Voodoo hook 1/32 is #4 Voodoo hook 1/16 is #4 Voodoo hook 1/8 is #1 Voodoo hook.

: MIZUGIWA Ultrahead Finesse Jig Hook : …

MadBite 48 Pcs Ned Rig Mushroom Head Jig Kits, Finesse Jigs, Needle Point Hooks, Bait Keeper, 4 Popular Colors, 3 Hook Style Options, 4 Weight Options 4.5 out of 5 stars 121 3 offers from $21.99

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—Fall/Winter Merch 2021 — Addicted Alaska III — Bargain Deal Pond — Hoodies, Tees, & Jackets — Fishing Hats & Beanies — Addicted Braided Line — Floats, Jigs, & Jig Heads — Steelhead Worms & Eggs — Trout & Panfish Worms — Fishing Hooks & Weights — Fishing Decals & Stickers — Fishing Nets, Bonkers, & Extras — Fishing Scents & Egg Cures — Walleye Death Spinner Jigs

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Classic wahoo bomb design with some upgrades. High quality chrome, gold & black chrome head finish. Durable reflective mylar skirts. Strong single siwash hooks with integrated spinner blade. 4 oz for an easy cast on jig rods. SKU: n/a. $ 16.99 – $ 18.99. Select options. Jigs.

: weedless crappie jig heads

The CHROME-an-a-tor Semi-Nekid Crappie Jig Heads (SPECIALTY COLOR) - 10 Per Package from 3.25 Stop Light Red Semi-Nekid Crappie Jig Heads Coated with UV Blast - 10 Per Package

BOSS Big Boy Swim Jigs - Fishing Skirts

BOSS Big Boy Swim Jig. Features a recessed line tie and head design that allows this jig to clean itself easy in thick grass. Features BOSS' custom bait and skirt keepers, realistic True-Vision 3D Eyes, 1/8″ weed guard, a signature paint finish built on a Mustad #32886 Heavy Wire …

Epoxy Powder Paint for Fishing Lures - Barlow's Tackle

Epoxy Powder Paint. Powder Paint is an epoxy paint in a powder form. It's incredibly easy to use, and it's perfect for jig heads and other lead lure bodies. If you're just painting a few lures, simply heat your lure over an open flame for approximately eight seconds, dip it in powder paint, give it a quick swirl, then tap off any excess powder.

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The streamlined head design boasts lifelike recessed eyes and gill plates for added realism, and the small chrome willow leaf blade comes to life with the slightest movement. The result is a presentation that fish cannot resist.

Chrome Plated Jig Heads – Arkie Lures

Chrome Plated Jig Heads. Product Code: CPH-116-10. Regular price. $2.55. Sale price. $2.55 Sale. Quantity must be 1 or more. Add some flash to your lures with our Arkie Chrome Plated Jig Heads. Our Double Offset Keeper Barbs add to the plastic holding ability of these heads.

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25 Pack 1/16 Weedless Crappie Jig Heads #2 Red Chrome Sickle Hooks. $. 11.99. Buy It Now. $3.49 Shipping. Condition: New. Location: Cordova,AL,USA. 100 1/16oz. MINNOW HEAD SPIKE JIG HEADS #2 BRONZE HOOKS CRAPPIE WALLEYE.

Jig Heads — The Saltwater Edge

The Housy Jig Heads from Housatonic Lure Company are shad-shaped jigheads designed to be utilized with the Housy Minnow Paddle Tails but will also ... View full details from $4.39

BOSS Head Bangers Unpainted - Fishing Skirts

The new BOSS Head Banger Unpainted feature skirt and bait keepers, a recessed line tie. The BOSS Head Banger is built on a Mustad Ultra Point 32796 5/0 heavy wire 60 degree flat eye black nickel hook. You can use these heads to create your own vibrating jigs. Available in 2 sizes 3/8 and 1/2 and ready for paint, so no prep required. Sold in 10 packs.

Chrome Series - Fishing Skirts

Skirt making material featuring chrome foil prints. All Items Sold As 10 skirt-tabs per pack. BULK PRICING (CAN NOT MIX AND MATCH) Qty 1-4 pks. – $2.50 each. Qty 5-9 pks. – $2.20 each. Qty 10 or more – $1.80 each.

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Fishing Hooks For Walleye Jig Head Jig Head Hook Metal Jigs Heads High Quality. New New New. $8.22. $8.65 previous price $8.65 5% off 5% off previous price $8.65 5% off. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 50pcs Fishing Jigs …

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10 PK 1/8oz Hand Tied Jigs #1 Sickle Hooks 3d Eyes. $. 18. Buy It Now. $0 Shipping. Condition: New. Location: Campbellsville,KY,USA. 20 PK Painted 1/16oz …

Top 10 Jig Heads of 2021 🛍️ Big Guide

THKFISH Fishing Jig Heads Fishing Hooks Jig Heads Fishing Lure Bait Crappie Bass... $14.99. 4. Temorah. Temorah Fishing Lures Jig Heads,Ball Heads 1/32oz-1/2oz,Sharp Fishing Hooks for... $13.59. 5. Strike King. Mr Crappie Slab Slasher Jig Heads 1/16 oz,Chartreuse.